Anti WGR550 Sentiment Growing With Each Day Shopp and the Bulldog go on the air

Written by JOE LOGAN on 9/11/2011 10:49 PM

A recent blog has shed some light on what most people who live Buffalo sports have known for years. WGR550 is helping to build a true revolt against the cynical and negative rantings of their hosts in Mike Schopp and the Bulldog. (I would throw in regular guest Jerry Sullivan but he isn't really an employee)

The blog was picked up on a local message board and certainly brought out some of the more vocal opponents of the on air personalities.

Hey, we've been saying for years that these guys are more or less ambulance chasers waiting for the first bit of bad news to chew on and turning it into something more than it really is. Worse, when there is no bad news they will stew, moan and groan until they find a way to turn the good news into bad news.

Their post game show last night was epic. Instead of talking about the good things the Bills did on the field they instead spent the entire two hours defending themselves for picking the Bills to suck this year.

My take on why they do this is simple and has been consistent for two years. 1) They know very little about football. They have never played the game and don't even try to learn it. Because of this they need to mask their ignorance by turning cynical and negative. 2) They feel negativeness drives ratings.

There is a changing of the guard at WGR. Long time producer Andy Roth has left for Cleveland but was smart enough to hire Coach Sal Capaccio off the internet to give him a shot at the big time. Capaccio has a show on but has also filled in at WGR in the past. He does know the X's and O's of football but that will not be enough. He also needs to be entertaining. For those who have listened to his internet show they no doubt have faith that he will do the job.

Funny that Schopp essentially replaced Coach Dickerson on WGR and could end up being replaced by another Coach. WGR would be better for it.

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