Can't Get Maybin Out of my Mind

Written by JOE LOGAN on 7/31/2012 9:18 AM

Living in Amsterdam I felt nastalgic after going through some old Buffalo Bills football cards. One of the most valuable cards I have is that of Gary Anderson in a Buffalo Bills uniform. So sure where the gods at TOPPS trading cards that they had manufactured the Gary Anderson card in red/white and blue with number 1 affixed to his uni. Of course those same gods have a strange sense of humor....

For those interested in some rather dis-heartening reminders, Gary Anderson was drafted in the seventh round by the Bills in the 1982 draft. It is rare for a place kicker to even be drafted in the NFL. Unfortunately he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn during the preseason and missed every field goal attempt he tried in pre-season..

Of course he went on to become the one of the best place kickers of all time having the only perfect season in the history of the NFL by making every field goal and PAT in 1998 leading the Vikings to a 15-1 record. He also made both the 1980 and 1990 all decade teams.

So what is it then. Did he tank on purpose because he wasn't very happy in Buffalo? Did the Steelers make a side deal with him? Fast forward almost three decades later and we are seeing a similar albeit with a longer trial version on display with Aaron Maybin.

Maybin's career with the Bills can be summed up by a comment that Ron Jaworski made on ESPN during a preseason game a few years back by saying "Maybin was supposed to be a sack artist, but as you can see here I think I could block him one on one."

I agreed with that statement. I spent a lot of time analyzing Maybin during the years he was here and since he wasn't big enough to man the run you expected that he would need to put heat on the quarterback to be worthy of a roster spot. The problem was that he NEVER reached the quarterback and most often never even got near them.

So what happened? Now he is tearing it up for the Jets registering 6 sacks and 4 forced fumbles in 13 games. Was last year a fluke? Not according to Jets coach Rex Ryan who gave glowing remarks about Maybin in a recent article by Mike Florio.

At least Ryan cut Maybin after the preseason last year. That made us feel OK about our assessment of him. But something stirred Maybin's motor and he is firing on all cylindars right now in the Green camp.

One thing is certain. Gailey isn't losing sleep over it. He has probably the best defense end corp in the league right now.

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