Yahoo Sports' Dan Parr is about as informed about the Bills as Jerry Sullivan is positive about the Bills

Written by JOE LOGAN on 8/25/2010 5:20 PM

For those of you who aren't aware of the perception of the Buffalo Bills and their fans to those who live outside of Western New York you have to read this article by Pro Football Weekly's Dan Parr.

I read it initially because the title caught my eye. It was titled "Responding to hecklers makes Gailey look small". I personally thought that what he did was great and his players will certainly like the fact that he stuck up for them. Who knows, maybe he cared less about the heckling but just wanted to show his players he had their back.

After reading the article I wondered how can actually pay guys like him to write for their periodicals. I don't mind his flawed opinions, but I do mind when he takes shots at Buffalo using false perceptions that have been fanned by the likes of Mike Schopp, Jerry Sullivan and Brad Riter.

Parr said "My initial reaction to the dispute was surprise. People actually go to watch the Bills practice? Maybe if more of them went to the games there wouldn't be talk of the franchise relocating."


First, people go in mass to Bills practices. Second, he said maybe if more people went to the games there wouldn't be talk of relocating? Does he realize that the Bills sellout every regular season game except for the Toronto games? I can't remember the last time we didn't have a sellout.

So, Mr Parr. Read up on Sullivan, listen to Riter and Schopp, and join the negos in the Buffalo media. Maybe we will see you in the Super Bowl.

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