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"Levi Brown Highlight Reel"


Levi Brown Highlight Reel: Brown has good size and great work ethic and has worked in the spread offense his entire career at Troy. Since the Bills have said they will be working from the spread offense this season it looks like that may have been part of their thinking here. He is not very mobile but has a quick release and a strong arm. Most think he has no chance of being a starter in the NFL but could be a good and capable backup. So no, he may not the answer for the Bills QB dilemma in the long term and is definitely not the answer for the upcoming season. However he has very good mechanics and seems intelligent so and if you watch film on him he does look like a prototypical NFL quarterback. Let's not make any judgements until we see him on the field wearing red white and blue.

Size: 19.3
Length: 0:04:22
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