About "The Bills Beat"

A life long Bills fan, Joe Logan was recently thrown into the spotlight when he was the first to report that the Bills were going to clean house at 1 Bills Drive. The next day he reported that Cowher was going to meet in person with the Bills. Unfortunately it wasn't to be and the Bills went in another direction.

While that was unfortunate, it was more unfortunate to hear how cynical the local Buffalo sports media was during the coaching search. You couldn't find a single positive article or message from the local media and their cynicism has seem to become pervasive in our town. I guess that negativity sells newspapers and gets ratings. We don't care about ratings here...

No wonder why so many coaches and players might be hesitant to make Buffalo their home. We like it here, and we like our team.

This website source will attempt to be a positive voice for the Buffalo sports scene. Join us and let the bandwagon jumpers hop on at the end of the road when we win a Super Bowl. We'll enjoy the whole ride.

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